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Our Story

We empower individuals—the ones who define their own success fueled by passion and discipline—to unlock their full productivity potential.

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Join us as we build an interface that redefines the conventional ways of working.

Traditionally, we find ourselves stuck in a constant cycle: opening our browsers full of tabs, scrambling through tasks, seeking motivation, attempting to work amidst a multitude of open tabs, and ending the day with the realization that we battled our tools, distractions, and workflow frictions more than accomplishing meaningful work.

For those who value their time, this traditional workflow can feel demotivating and counterproductive.

What if there was a “system” you could use daily, offering a prebuilt perfect workflow, equipped with all essential work tools, and enhancing your existing work apps with focus and concentration? What if you didn’t need to master the perfect notion template for organization, or learn specific browser techniques for productivity? What if all the productivity advice you’ve ever read online was integrated into a system, ready to use?

Imagine starting your day with this “system,” your “Work OS,” working distraction-free with unmatched speed and quality, then closing the app to enjoy your freedom, knowing you’ve done your best work. That is bliss.

"The product I wish I had was a single app I can open everyday and navigate work in the most efficient and organized way possible. So I built it."
— Founder, Floutwork