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Simplify your digital workspace

Browser, AI, tasks, calendar, notes, and emails — redesigned and combined into one tool to bring you the most seamless, organized, and productive online work experience ever.

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Image showing numerous tabs in a browser.

Imagine juggling too many tabs, losing focus, and missing key tasks. It’s chaotic, inefficient, and just frustrating.

Image showing numerous tabs in a browser.

Imagine constantly juggling numerous tabs, getting lost in the chaos, struggling to figure out what to work on next, and missing important tasks. It’s distracting, inefficient, and honestly, just sucks.

An image of the Floutwork desktop app.
An image of the Floutwork desktop app.

What is it?

For those who rely heavily on browsers for work—like founders, project managers, freelancers, and individuals with ADHD—Floutwork is designed to simplify your online workflow. Instead of juggling multiple tabs, windows, and tools in a cluttered workspace, our unified desktop app lets you access all your web apps, manage tasks, calendars, notes, and inbox—all in one place, reducing distractions and enhancing productivity.

How it Works

Your day in Floutwork

A workflow designed for productivity.

Add tasks icon

Add Tasks

Easily capture tasks using the command bar, by right-clicking on any text within any web app, or by adding them manually.

Calendar icon

View Schedule

Floutwork plans your day automatically by intelligently finding the best times to complete your tasks, even with a packed calendar.

Get work done icon

Get Work Done

With 1-click access to your work apps, instantly hop onto your web apps and start working right within Floutwork, eliminating friction from task to work.

Chart Icon

View Metrics

View your productivity metrics to improve your work habits, or export time tracking metrics that Floutwork automatically tracks for you.

See Floutwork in Action

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Browser OFF. Floutwork ON.
We redesigned the browser for focus and productivity. Access all your work web apps with one click in a distraction-free workspace. Enjoy automatic tab organization, workspaces, and remarkable efficiency by integrating AI, tasks, notes, and other work tools directly into your browser workflow.

Your Day, Autoplanned.
Just add tasks to your list and let Floutwork intelligently show you the best times to complete your tasks.

Instant AI.
Instead of constantly switching tabs between ChatGPT and your work apps, Floutwork seamlessly integrates GPT-4o directly into your workflow. Without skipping a beat, you can use the Command Bar to ask ChatGPT anything and get instant answers.

Simplify Note Taking.
With Floutwork's built-in Notes app, jot down notes quickly, organize them using tags, and access them effortlessly as you browse. Use the built-in AI Writer to summarize, proofread, or draft your notes.

Zip Through your Inbox.
Emails are a time-suck. Floutwork intuitively categorizes your emails, letting you clean up your entire inbox with just a few clicks.

Enjoy tabs again.

Tabs revolutionized browsing, but over time, they turned into a cluttered mess. Floutwork tames your mess and brings delight to your work experience by neatly organizing your tabs by app. Choose from apps view for more focus or tabs view for greater control.

Focus, redefined.


Start a task, select an app, and go!


Dim everything around the app, start a timer, and let you immerse yourself in an unbelievable focus experience.


Get work done with the highest quality and speed.

Your productivity metrics

Floutwork provides a clear view of your productivity and time spent. Use these metrics to understand and improve your efficiency, or export them for client billing.

An image of 3 productivity bars that measure focus, execution, and hours workedAn image showing workspace switcher dropdownAn image of Floutwork's command bar.

Gamify work

Just like fitness rings on an Apple Watch keep millions of people motivated to work out, we introduce productivity bars to keep you motivated and productive at work, every day.

An image showing 3 productivity bars that measure focus, execution, and hours worked.

Organize the chaos

Simplify your work life. Create a unique workspace for every project and keep your apps, tasks, calendar, notes, and emails organized and distinct.

An image of workspace switcher dropdown.

Command Bar for everything

Create tasks using natural language, ask ChatGPT, open apps and URLs, and more, without ever leaving your flow.

An image of Floutwork's command bar.

Welcome to easy, online work

Christopher Kingdon
Technical Architect at Beeline
Floutwork has truly revolutionized my workflow as a software developer. Before discovering Floutwork, I found myself drowning in a sea of browser tabs, wasting precious time searching for the right app or tab. Now, with Floutwork, everything I need is instantly accessible, streamlining my process and boosting my productivity. Its intuitive interface has made managing tasks and projects a breeze, and it has become an indispensable tool in my daily work routine. I can't imagine navigating through a workday without it!
Jennifer Bradshaw
Director of Product at NLP Logix
Floutwork has been a game-changer for my workflow. Before, I juggled multiple apps and tabs, constantly switching between my personal and work laptops. It was chaotic and inefficient. Floutwork changed that. It has been effortlessly easy to use from the moment I downloaded Floutwork, I was impressed by its intuitive interface. I didn't need hours of tutorials to get started. The clean layout and simple navigation make it incredibly user-friendly, even for non-tech-savvy individuals. Floutwork has also given me the freedom to work anywhere. I can access it from any device, including my personal laptop, which is a huge relief. No more carrying my work laptop everywhere or being tied to my desk. This freedom allows me to work from anywhere, whether it's at home, a coffee shop, or even while traveling. Floutwork has truly streamlined my work experience. It's easy to use, flexible, and makes me feel like I have everything I need right at my fingertips.
Kathleen Burnett
Founder at Anywhere League
I've struggled with to-do lists and task management for years, and Floutwork is a breath of fresh air. As a founder I constantly feel pulled in dozens of directions every day, but Floutwork is invaluable in keeping me organized.. Having a space to work free of distracting notifications and with reminders to block out my time and work on one task at once has made me not just more productive, but makes me feel more in control of my day.
Manoj Nayak
Writer •
Floutwork is the no-nonsense task manager that gets you sorted. It's like having a personal assistant who slots your tasks into your calendar and whisks you away to your favorite apps. Just copy a sentence, right-click, and bam – it's a task. Floutwork handles the rest.

It's the smooth operator that glides you from app to app, tracking your task time like a pro. And the productivity tracker? It's the secret sauce to leveling up your work game.

Heads up though, Floutwork has a smaller team, so patience is key with updates. But that's cool because it means you get features crafted with care – totally worth the wait.

Focused on You, Not Your Data

Our business model is wholeheartedly against data monetization, allowing us to focus exclusively on crafting the ultimate work experience for you.

We never track your usage in any web apps you add to Floutwork, ensuring you can focus on your work with peace of mind.

Your emails and calendar data are securely and exclusively stored on your device, and never leave your device.

Tasks, notes, bookmarks, and other Floutwork configurations are encrypted both in transit and at rest.

All websites you visit via Floutwork automatically only use secure connections to protect you online.

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Bring all your work and tools together, organized, and instantly accessible from one place.

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*No credit card required
"The product I wish I had was a single app I can open everyday and navigate work in the most efficient and organized way possible. So I built it."
— Founder, Floutwork


How is Floutwork the fastest way to work?

The primary cause of slow work is the distractions and friction points encountered while trying to accomplish tasks. Removing these barriers can significantly increase both speed and quality of work. The key to high-quality, fast work lies in the equation derived from Cal Newport's book, "Deep Work":

High-Quality Work Produced = Time Spent x Intensity of Focus

Therefore, by enhancing focus intensity, not only does the quality of work improve, but it also takes substantially less time. In today's world, inundated with social media, browsers brimming with tabs, incessant notifications, and dual monitors that draw your gaze, the average focus intensity is a mere 13%. This means that a task taking 5 hours at 13% focus intensity can be completed in just 1 hour at 65% intensity. Floutwork provides a personal work system designed to eliminate all distractions and friction points, including but not limited to the following:

1. Start with Tasks: The moment Floutwork launches, you're presented with your tasks for the day, ensuring that your immediate attention is on what actually matters. This eliminates the temptation of meandering through browser tabs, which often results in losing focus right at the start of your day.

2. Automated Scheduling: Floutwork's integrated calendar dynamically schedules your tasks, displaying when each should be tackled based on their duration. This feature eliminates the inefficiency of wondering what to work on next, saving you from spiraling into the abyss of the Internet.

3. Integrated Web Apps: Required web apps are directly accessible within Floutwork. This means you no longer toggle between multiple browser tabs that aren't relevant to the task at hand, ensuring a higher level of focus and faster completion times.

4. In-Context Tools: Whether it’s jotting down sudden to-dos or taking notes relevant to your task, Floutwork's Command Bar and side views enable quick actions without leaving your current task space. These are just a few examples within the overall suite of in-context tools available to keep you in your workflow.

5. Dedicated Focus Mode: For maximum focus, tthe Focus Mode feature enables you to choose a task, select the corresponding web app, start a timer, and dims all but the essential elements—your task name, the timer, and the web app required for your work. This is the most powerful way to get anything done in the fastest way possible.

Real-World Example:
Imagine you need to create a PowerPoint slide for a team meeting. It should only take about an hour. 

Conventional Workflow:

  • You open your browser, filled with multiple tabs from yesterday, including one with a news article that you decide to read, losing 10 minutes.
  • You open Google Slides but get distracted by an incoming email. You read and reply, costing you another 15 minutes.
  • You finally start on the slide but then Slack pings. A colleague has shared an interesting article. You read it, taking you off course for another 20 minutes.
  • These distractions cause mental fatigue, making you take a break, which adds more time to your diversion.
  • Once you return, the cycle of distractions continues: another Slack message, a LinkedIn notification, and perhaps a quick scroll through social media.
  • Each time you get distracted, it takes roughly 25 minutes to regain full focus. This 1-hour task has now ballooned into a 5-hour ordeal.

Floutwork Workflow

  • Launch Floutwork and immediately see your task list, including the PowerPoint slide task scheduled for 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
  • At 11:00 AM, you initiate Focus Mode and immerse yourself in the Google Slides web app within Floutwork. Notifications are automatically muted and everything else fades from view, ensuring an undistracted environment until your task is complete.
  • Midway, you remember a meeting with Mike about bonuses. Without breaking flow, you hit CMD+1 (or CTRL+1 on Windows) to open the command bar, jot down “Discuss bonuses with Mike tomorrow,” click outside the command bar, and go right back to your task. Should you need to take or refer to notes for your presentation, you use Floutwork’s in-context tools to access your notes via a side view without leaving your main view.

Instead of relying on fragile willpower, Floutwork offers a robust system that guides you through the most effective workflow for completing tasks in record time. This is how Floutwork stands out as the fastest way to work.

I have my browser and desktop apps; why do I need Floutwork?

Traditional tools like web browsers and productivity apps such as Outlook, Slack, or Microsoft Teams often require significant willpower to use efficiently. It's easy to get sidetracked and lose focus, making task completion an ongoing struggle. Floutwork radically changes this dynamic by organizing your workflow to keep you centered and driven.

The moment you open Floutwork, your tasks for the day become the focal point. A glance at the adjacent calendar tells you precisely when to tackle each item. Your essential web apps are readily accessible via a sidebar, just a click away. You can even activate a "Focus Mode" for individual tasks, dimming all other elements and spotlighting the application where your immediate attention is needed.

Floutwork offers an innovative two-fold approach to tracking and motivation. First, it includes productivity metrics that monitor how much time you're spending on each web app, enabling you to evaluate and refine your work habits. Second, the platform gamifies your workflow by automatically tracking your focus duration, the number of tasks completed, and total hours worked for the day. This provides real-time, positive feedback, enhancing your motivation and keeping you engaged in your work.

What sets Floutwork apart is its ability to integrate the tools you need directly within your current task. This eliminates the need to switch context, keeping you in a state of flow. Whether it's tasks, notes, ChatGPT, or bookmarks, everything is accessible without breaking your concentration. Plus, our split-view feature ensures your primary task is always visible while you access other resources.

In essence, Floutwork isn't just another tool; it's a comprehensive system designed to maximize your efficiency, keep you focused, and elevate your workday to new heights of productivity. It provides the right mix of tools, focus, organization, and routines to help you win each day.

Does Floutwork replace my browser entirely?

Floutwork provides an environment for seamless access to your work apps, creating a distraction-free workspace and organizing your browser tabs for optimal focus. During your normal workdays, you won't need to switch to your default browser at all. However, if you do need to switch to your regular browser for specific tools or extensions, Floutwork simplifies this temporary switch; just right-click on any tab, web app, or link and select "Open in Default Browser."

How does Floutwork help me achieve Deep Work?

Floutwork is meticulously designed to embody the principles of "Deep Work," a concept popularized by Cal Newport. Newport contends that the quality of one's work is a product of time and focus, articulating that "Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task." He also makes it clear that achieving this level of focus isn't merely a matter of willpower; rituals and structured processes are essential. To facilitate this, Floutwork provides a specialized environment that is free from typical distractions like web browsers, which are designed to capture your attention. Within this space, Floutwork integrates the essential tools, organizational structures, and routines needed to help you focus on demanding tasks effectively.

We also draw inspiration from James Clear's "Atomic Habits," which emphasizes the importance of environment and cues in habit formation. Clear notes, "You do not rise to the level of your goals; you fall to the level of your systems." With this in mind, Floutwork incorporates a task list to clearly outline your daily objectives, a calendar for strategically allocating time slots for these tasks, and situates all essential tools within arm's reach. This creates a streamlined system designed to optimize your workday.

Additionally, Floutwork includes built-in gamification elements that activate the brain's reward centers, thereby encouraging the reinforcement of positive habits like focus and productivity. As Clear explains, "The cue triggers a craving, which motivates a response, which provides a reward, which satisfies the craving and, ultimately, becomes associated with the cue." Floutwork's gamification taps into this cycle, making productive behaviors more rewarding and thus, more likely to be repeated. Over time, this can lead to exponential improvements in your success.

To further deepen your focus, Floutwork offers features that mute all non-essential notifications, in line with Newport's principle of "embracing boredom" and limiting "shallow work." We also introduce a specialized "Focus Mode," mirroring Newport's idea of "radical scheduling," which aims to eliminate all distractions, leaving you with only your high-priority task. Focus Mode also includes a timer to help you employ the "time-blocking" technique, recommended in both "Deep Work" and "Atomic Habits," to better concentrate and measure your focus.

In summary, Floutwork is more than a tool; it's a comprehensive system that integrates the best productivity methods from these groundbreaking books, offering you a streamlined environment to excel at Deep Work.

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