Simplify your work on the web

Effortlessly manage every aspect of your work, from tasks and web apps to notes, emails, bookmarks, and calendar, all within a single productivity system. This comprehensive solution is designed to streamline your workflow, enabling exceptional focus, quality, and speed in completing your tasks every day.

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Floutwork is built for people who do most of their work online, including product managers, people managers, program managers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Bring your goals, tasks, web apps, notes, emails, calendars, and bookmarks in to a single desktop app designed for you to stay organized and boost productivity, all in one place.

Focus is a

Focusing on a task without distractions for long periods of time dramatically increases the quality and speed of your work. This is the core of understanding productivity.

High quality work produced = time spent x intensity of focus

Focus with
blistering intensity

Floutwork deeply understands the common distractions that occur during the workday, making it easy to focus. It is the first system solely designed to enable the deepest possible level of work

Interruptions at work

We work all day but get very little done due to a highly-distracting work setup.

In Floutwork, you just have your tasks and your web apps. No other distractions. All in a single window for laser focus.

Bring it all together
in one place

Simply add any website to Floutwork as an "app" and get all your work done within one system that's designed to help you stay focused and produce more high-quality work in less time.

Drowning in a Sea of Browser Tabs?

Floutwork automatically organizes your tabs based on the app and task you're working on, so you only see tabs relevant to your current work. This helps you stay laser-focused on the task at hand without being distracted by irrelevant or overwhelming tabs.

Mute desktop notifications for all your web apps, including Slack and Microsoft Teams — in one place.

Mute notifications for all web apps

Measure and
improve your focus

Floutwork has a built-in productivity tracker that tracks your activity across any web app you use within Floutwork. This helps you measure your focus and improve your productivity over time.

Gamify your
work experience

Floutwork’s tracks your work habits automatically and helps you complete 3 simple productivity bars every day to keep you motivated.

Fill your bars
Right click any text to add as task

You can see your progress bars wherever you are in Floutwork, which makes it simple to keep track of your progress throughout the day.

Never miss a task
ever again.

If you remember you need to do something while working on a task, instead of letting that interrupt your flow, just add it as a task or reminder using the command bar and continue working without skipping a beat.

Right click any text to add as task

Right click on any text in any web app to add it as a task or reminder. A screenshot of your view is automatically captured as context for you as part of your task notes.

Eliminate disruptions with clear priorities

Add time estimates to your tasks and let Floutwork suggest the perfect free slots on your calendar to work on them. Task time suggestions are automatically recalculated based on new calendar events.

Prioritized task list

In the middle of writing an email and want to share your availability? Directly paste availability on any text box on any web app without even copying.

Clean your inbox
10x faster.

Getting through emails can be extremely time consuming and is considered a “low value” type of work. Floutwork intuitively categorizes your emails so you can skim emails in a category and clean them up with 1-click.

Caregorized emails

Get different views of your inbox and unsubscribe or process hundreds of emails in a few clicks by taking bulk actions on multiple senders.

Caregorized emails bulk emails

Do more with

Floutwork comes with powerful productivity tools out of the box.

Use the command bar to take action on emails, add notes, open apps, open bookmarks, and open URLs — all in context of what you are already doing, without ever leaving your flow.

Save private notes before a meeting right on your calendar and show up to your meetings like a boss. You never have to scramble where to save private notes for your upcoming meetings ever again.

Use the side panel actions to add notes or add tasks without leaving your flow. You can also select any text on the web page and add it to your notes.

Easily open any web app, bookmark, or search term in split view using the command bar. This allows you to view two pages at the same time and quickly return to your task once you're finished.

Many Profiles. One Account.

Keep your web apps, tasks, notes, emails, calendar, and bookmarks separate and organized by creating different profiles that can be accessed seamlessly within the same account.

Mute notifications for all web apps
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